Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Personal: Part 6

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Well,  it's been 1 week since the surgery.  I'm feeling pretty good but have to keep reminding myself of my limitations (no lifting over 10 lbs for the first six weeks and then no more than 20 lbs for the second 6 weeks).

The day of the procedure:

Things went pretty well.  I got there at 7:30 am for check-in (as told).  There was a lot of waiting!  Each staff member did their portion of my preparation and then I would have to wait for the next staff member to do their portion....  At least I had good company (my husband) and a TV for the majority of my prep.  There really isn't much to say about the preparation.  I thought it was funny though that every staff member (and there were many) had to verify my name, birthdate, and what I was there for.

After the procedure I was a little out of it but that was expected.  My husband joined me in the recovery room.  The doctor had given him an update on how things went and what to expect.  He said that things went great.

Every person is different and every hospital has different policies but there are a few things I felt worthy of sharing:

  • They had one of those tubes down my throat for the procedure so my throat was soar and everything tasted nasty.  After the first day that was better.
  • It took a while for one of my legs to work correctly.  I'm assuming that it didn't have much blood flow while I was in the operating room.  It still kind of freaked me out because it still wasn't acting right when I left the hospital.  By the end of the day it was fine.  
  • They wouldn't let me leave the hospital until I could prove that I could urinate on my own and empty my bladder enough to meet their policies.  If I didn't empty my bladder enough they would have to send me home with a catheter that I would have to care for on my own!  The first try was not successful but thankfully I had a great nurse.  She gave me some tips and another hour to to try it again.  It was successful so no home catheter!!!
  • I really had a hard time moving the first day.  When leaving the hospital I almost fell out of the car while trying to get in!  I spent the rest of that day laying and sleeping.  
  • The second day was a little better.  I didn't sleep all day, I could stand and lay but not sit straight up.  It was also hard to get up and down.   Using the restroom was more of a challenge than usual but as time went on it seemed to get easier.  I was still on pain meds.
  • Day 3 I decided to get off the pain meds.  I took a few naps.  It was still hard to sit up straight and I still didn't go anywhere.  That morning I was able to remove the remainder of the internal gauze they had in place.  
  • Since then things have been getting much better every day!  I do have spotting now and then so they recommended wearing a pad for the first week (just in case).  

I haven't seen the bill for the hospital yet.  I do have an update that I don't think I have shared yet about my other payments.  I mentioned that I did not have to pay a co-pay the time I went for testing.  I did get a bill in the mail for that so they must have just forgotten to ask me for it.  I also received a statement that showed my insurance had paid for everything, except my co-pays, prior to the procedure!  So far I have 3 co-pays invested in this.  I am very excited since I was expecting to pay for everything out of pocket!!!

I have three follow-up appointments scheduled over the next 3 months.  I will keep you posted if anything worth blogging about happens.  If not, I will at least do a wrap up with my final cost once I have all the information.

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