Wednesday, January 4, 2012

California Vacation: Pirate's Dinner Adventure

We discovered this place during one of our first trips to California with the kids.  We already had plans to attend the Medieval Times Dinner (they are right next to each other and both are near Disneyland) but pirates have always been something my son has loved!  We got a great deal on tickets by ordering them online.  I didn't have a printer at the hotel to print the tickets but when I called they said the check-in staff could look us up when we got there - it worked out great.  The pricing was a little intimidating at first but they seem to always run specials.  Our special was the kids ate free with our adult purchases.

We arrived during the specified check-in time.  During check-in we were assigned a color - which eventually guides you to your seating and your pirate.  Since 3 of our family members were wearing green, we were assigned green.  It actually made it more fun!

This picture was taken when we first entered the building.  Kind of funny but the pirate looks just like my brother so we joke about that often.
This is the picture they took when we returned in 2012.

After the picture is taken you are free to roam around.  There are plenty of areas set up to buy souvenirs and drinks.  There are also a lot of picture opportunities (during our visit in 2012 we noticed these are no longer there).

My daughter was a little hesitant at first.

Eventually she realized they were not real.

We bought the kids these little sets (I think it was $5 each to get a flag and headband).  They loved cheering on our "Pirate"!  And they still have the flags.

Okay, it's time to admit that I actually preferred this adventure much more than the Medieval Times.  I think the kids did too - well until my daughter was given a flower from a prince at the other dinner (that made her day).  But, all we heard about the entire vacation was the pirates!  After you read the rest of what I have to share you will learn why.

A while before the show starts they start to have staff (dressed to the theme) bring a large variety of appetizers around.  There is plenty and it is included in the price.  

Around the official start of the show time they have everyone gather closely in the main lobby area (decorated for the theme).  There they put on a great pre-show to get the plot of the story started.  

From there they lead you (by color) to your seated area.   

Once you are seated you are introduced to your waitstaff who will be getting you your non-alcoholic drinks and food. I believe the main bar was still open during the show to purchase alcoholic drinks.  We started with a salad and then a rather large meal.  You can view the menu on their website.  I ordered a vegetarian meal.  I was told to tell the waitstaff when we were seated.  It took a lot longer to get but the food was very good.  It was a lot of food though!!!  There was also a nice dessert.  

Okay - so I have talked about the meal but I haven't told you about the awesome pirate ship stage that the audience sees for the remainder of the show.  It's an amazing thing for pirate lovers to experience.

This show really does a great job at getting audience involvement - both in cheering on your color "Pirate" and also by really getting kids and adults involved in the show (as an actor). 

My kiddos are the two on the far left of the ship!

Picture with "our Pirate" - we were team red in 2012.

After the show picture.

Things to know:  You can use a credit card to pay for almost everything.  But - you have to pay cash for the picture (I think it was about $20 and they bring it to you at the table while you are eating to see if you like it and want to purchase it).  And - you need CASH to tip your waitstaff.  We had one person waiting on us and I think they had a suggested tip amount on something they gave us toward the end.  

After the show is over there is an opportunity to stay for drinks and dancing (I can't remember exactly what they called the party).  We did not stay.  By the time the show was over my little ones were exhausted - especially considering the 3 hour time difference we were already battling with our California vacation.

Now that the kids are a little older I can't wait to get back to this show!!

Update:  in 2012 we visited again.  It was nice to see that they had changed things up (so you don't see the same show year after year).  Also noticed that some nights have a different show plot from others.  

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