Friday, January 6, 2012

My Bucket List #1: Road Trip To Wyoming

I spent a couple of summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (and the surrounding areas) with my dad when I was in elementary/middle school.

I have dreamed of the day that I could go back to share some of those experiences with my kids!  It's top on my bucket list!  It looks like I may have my opportunity during the summer of 2012!!!   As long as we don't experience any financial hardships or health issues between now and then.  I say that only because I know life can change very quickly.

My information packets are starting to arrive!!  I want to make the most of the "road trip" so I'm doing my research.

Mount Rushmore and Devils Tower are a must!  But I want to stop at every "ghost town" and big tourist area that is not far from our path (both on the way there and a different route home).  Of course we have to stop at Wall Drugs!  Even though it is a big tourist trap - you can't see all of those signs and not stop - LOL!

Do you have any suggestions of places to visit on our trip?

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