Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Las Vegas Vacation: Fremont Street

The old downtown area of Las Vegas has really transformed over the years!  To compete with the ever growing and changing "strip" on Las Vegas Blvd the casinos downtown have had to raise the bar to attract guests.  They really have accomplished this with the "Fremont Street Experience".  The old downtown is on Fremont Street and is worth checking out.  

To get the full effect you really have to be there at night.  The main section of the Fremont Street is blocked off for pedestrians and is covered to provide an awesome light show.  There are set times where the light show really shows it's magic but there's generally some form of show on the overhead "screen" at all times of the night.

As you stroll down the walk you will pass a variety of casinos, street performers, artists, live bands, carts selling a variety of trinkets, and some of the best deals on hot dogs, daiquiris and shrimp cocktail!  One year we watched a big production of someone trying to beat a world record.  

Yes - you can even take a zip line down the street!

The night time environment is great for those looking to dance in the street while drinking and having a great time.  It really has a great party vibe.  Before having kids, we would plan one night of our stay at the Fitzgerald on Fremont Street.  That way we could enjoy the party environment and drink as many super strong daiquiris for $.99 as we wanted without having to drive back to the strip.  

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