Monday, June 25, 2012

Monster Truck 5th Birthday Party

My son LOVES monster trucks!!!  So his 5th birthday party had to be a Grave Digger theme!!

Front of his invitation.

While doing research to figure out what fun things could be done with this theme, I found that there aren't many ideas online.  So I am sharing what I pulled together for this party.

Since he has a June birthday, we always host the party outside so we can make use of the pool and other outdoor "toys" we have available.  But I like to focus a lot on the theme so that his birthday isn't always a repeat of the year before.  

I found the "Keep on Crushin" idea online and LOVED it since it relates to monster trucks and my son loves Crush pop.  

I decided on this cake idea.  I love that it incorporates "Crushin" a bus (just like at Monster Jam) and that I was able to get a monster truck to fly in the air.  I will have a future blog on how I did that!

The beverages on the table were for looks - we had cold ones to drink.

I made my own water bottle labels by using
checkered scrapbook paper and monster truck stickers.

I found these cups at

 The party guests (kids under 12) were each given a tire sipper cup and one of these gift bags.  The bags included:  pop rocks, monster truck tattoo, monster truck eraser, monster truck tin with candy, monster truck bubbles, and a monster truck bounce ball.

Of course, I had to make monster truck cookies!!  :-)

Food Table:  wrap sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, fruit salad, veggie tray.
A variety of my sons favorites!
I like to keep the food and beverages inside.  I have found over the years that it is a lot less work on me and it keeps the food fresh longer!

Sign used where they could find the beverages.

Games and other activities: 

One of the first things I had each kid do was paint a picture frame.  That way they would have time to dry prior to them leaving.  Later, with the thank you cards, I mailed the kids pictures from the party so they could pick one to put in the frame they decorated.

At the painting table I provided examples (my kiddo's frames),
paint (with paint dishes and brushes), water to wash brushes,
aprons, water bucket and paper towel to clean up.

I pre-painted the frames in Grave Digger colors (since that was the party colors)
so it was easy for little ones that aren't really into painting.

Not pictured:  I put the pegs and backing to each frame in sandwich bags
and gave them with the frames.

Pin the License Plate on the Monster Truck!  I saw this idea online and loved it!!!  However, I could not find a good truck poster to buy that focused on the front side of the truck.  The one I saw online was drawn up by an artist in the family.  I do not have the good fortune to know anyone like that.  So, my 6 year old daughter volunteered to take on the challenge.  I thought it turned out pretty good!

The idea of the game is as you would think.  You blindfold each kid, spin them around, and then have them try stick their plate onto the front of the monster truck.

Next we played two relay games.  The first, I used inflatable "tires" that I found online.  I separated the kids into 2 teams and used flags to create two tracks.  The first kid in each line stepped into two tires.  They then had to hold the tires up while they ran to the end of the track and back.  Once they arrived back in line they passed the tires to the next team member.  We had a lot of laughs watching the little ones try to get in and out of the tires!

The second relay game:  I gave each kid a spoon and a monster truck (I found some cute cheap ones at Walmart that I let them keep).  They stayed in their teams and used the same track.  The first kid in each line would put the monster truck on the spoon and balance to the end and back.  Again, we had a lot of laughs watching their different personalities come out as they handled the challenge!

I took many pictures but I had two priorities for each child guest.  One was a group picture of all the kids together and the second was a monster truck stand-in that I purchased at  Both of these pictures were printed for each guest and included in their thank you cards for their frames.

Now onto planning the next party!  My daughter turns 7 in October and she wants a bowling party!


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  2. Where did you find your goodies for the gift bags??