Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Personal: Part 7

This website is not to the surgeon I used.

Part 6:  http://itsfun4me.blogspot.com/2012/01/getting-personal-part-6.html

It's been a while since I have posted on this so feel free to refresh your memory by reading my previous posts.

My procedure was done the end of December 2011 and I can finally say, without a doubt, that it was a success for me!  Why did it take so long for me to feel this way?  My own fear that maybe it didn't work.  I kept looking at that trampoline, knowing that I needed to test it out, but fearing that I had gone through all of this and the result wouldn't give me what I hoped for.  Finally, I jumped!  And there was no leaking!!!  I have been sneezing, coughing, laughing and jumping for months now with no problems!

I have to admit that I wasn't 100% better right after my recovery.  I saw improvement all the time but some things did take a little longer.  I had a lot of fear as I started hearing more about potential problems with the sling that is used.  I have not personally experienced any of that but I made sure I followed my doctors orders!

Cost:  I have the final numbers!  Keep in mind that everyone's needs are different and insurance coverage is different.  My total bill was $20,000 (for the two procedures I had done).  I paid $2,000 out of pocket.  If I would have planned further ahead I could have picked an insurance option that would have saved me some out of pocket money but I am satisfied with the end result.  I am VERY happy that my insurance did cover some of the costs.  If you remember from my first blog post on this - I had no idea what the cost would be but planned to pay out of pocket.  Well, I was not prepared for the total cost to get this high!  My out of pocket payment in the end was much more in line with what I was planning on.  

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