Thursday, January 5, 2012

California Vacation: Hollywood Sign

You just can't go to Hollywood and not get a picture of the famous Hollywood Sign!  

We usually spend a chunk of a day driving around the hills with winding roads that may lead us to a close spot of the sign.  The thing is, you can't actually drive up to the sign.  We have discovered many areas that end with gated roads which lead the rest of the way up the hill.  

We have never been behind the sign, which we have discovered you can hike to.  We plan to attempt that on a future visit.

The best area we have found to get close to the sign but not interfere with surrounding houses is in the area near 6113 Mulholland Hwy (near its intersection of Ledgewood Dr).

Our favorite place to stop is one that we found many years ago and we often see in movies and on television.  It's a dog park!  There is a small area fenced off for kids to play and there are picnic tables.  It's near Mulholland Hwy on Canyon Lake Rd (near Arrowhead Drive).  I wish I had an exact address but the road names and intersections should help.

These pictures were taken while at the dog park:

Update:  We finally did the hike to the back of the Hollywood sign!!  It was a hot day and a pretty decent hike up for my kiddos (they did not enjoy this).  But, we can say we did it!  And the hike down wasn't bad at all ;-)

On the way up!

We made it!!!!

There are many great views!

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