Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tips I Have Learned: Family Calendar

As our family gets busier we found it hard to keep track of what was going on and when.  My husband needed to focus on work but be mindful of family activities and I need to be focused on the family activities/appointments but be mindful of times my husband has to work (outside of his normal schedule).  So, a few years ago I came up with this and it has worked great for us!

We designated a section of wall as our communication wall.  It includes a calendar (the desk size ones - I buy at Target each year for $1) of the current month and the next month  We write in important dates with red ink (birthdays, anniversary - dates that will not change).  Then we pencil in other dates that may change (cheer class, recycling day, doctor appointments, special events, school parties work nights).  I also use a washable marker (so it won't bleed through the paper) to cross off the days.

Notice our wall is a little cluttered.  But - it's functional for us.  We tape up invitations, tickets to events, anything that we need to remember or locate.  On the wall in this picture we have:  a zoo advertisement to remind us of our membership, a notice of my daughters cheer presentation and details, tickets to the Monster Truck Jam, tickets to a hockey game, gift card to Great Wolf for our upcoming trip, registration information for my daughters cheer class, ...  Sometimes this wall gets even more crazy but I always remove items when it's no longer needed.

I have another use for the calendar.  I have a medication that I need to take twice a day.  I don't know how many times I would stop and question if I had taken a pill yet or not.  So, I started using my calendar to help me remember.  I cross off each day in sections - I add one line for each of the two times I take my medication.  By bedtime I need an "X" marking off the day.

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