Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Murder Mystery Tween Birthday Party

When your favorite board game is CLUE, 
it only makes sense to have a Murder Mystery Birthday Party!

Another year older and ready to solve a murder!

The goal was to create an interactive CLUE game.  
Clue Board Game

I found a ton of pre-made party options for sale.  Especially for an adult murder mystery party.  
But, I wanted to make this something I knew my daughter and her friends would enjoy.  
So, here is what we came up with:

Her name is blurred out of this picture.
We also added some finger prints to add to the theme of the invitation. 

The envelopes were themed with color and the bee.
Of course, this blurred out picture looks horrible...

We needed a main character so we dressed my daughter up and took some pictures.  
I present to you, Ms. Betty Sue BeeKeeper.
My daughter's character was Betty Sue's daughter so you may see the resemblance  - LOL!
Plot cards and assigned characters (I highlighted the character they were assigned) 
where given to those that RSVP'd.  

The guests picked their own names and why they might be a suspect in the murder of Betty Sue.

There were some great costumes and personalities that arrived to the party!

I wanted the board to be similar to the real game.  

Player pieces.

Board Game - a foam poster board.
We decided to keep the color basic.  
Weapons:  we found a few things around the house (like a toy knife and a rope) to represent each of the weapons.

Player tracking sheets:

I added the initial to the "Killer" section so the players could remember who the real person was playing each role.

I also made blue cards for each of the killers, locations, and weapons (just like the game has for cards).

We started with a "fancy" (my daughter said it could look nice but she wanted food that everyone would actually eat - so pizza it was) dinner.  Then, the "real reason" for the gathering began.  
It was time to solve a murder!

Guests brought their completed cards with them to the party.  
Prior to starting the game, they shared their name and reason for being a suspect.

The game turned out to be a lot of fun!

Next, the reading of the will!  

I played the lawyer.  In character, I read the will and gave out cheap prizes 
(mostly to make the guests laugh).
One of Betty Sue's bees.

Everyone still talks about how great this guest played her role!

Each guest received their own Clue game to take home.

It was a success!!