Saturday, June 23, 2018

New York City: Time Square

Much like Las Vegas, Time Square is always changing so some of this (from our trip in 2015) is already outdated!

We stayed at a hotel that was just a couple of blocks away from Time Square and many of the Broadway shows.  That way we could easily walk to this high activity area whenever we wanted.

The New Years ball seems so small in person.
Tons of picture opportunities, at a cost.

There are some safety concerns at night so be cautious.  
Later in the evening things get a less kid friendly.
There are plenty of police around to assist if there is a need.

This Hard Rock was very different from any other we have been to.
The layout was awesome!

Wall of guitars.

Pictures are available to purchase during your visit.
My son was a ham in this so we had to buy it!
M&M Store!

The BIG Toys R Us store!  Sadly, this is no longer at Time Square.