Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Personal: Introduction

This website is not to the surgeon I used

Until now, most of my blog posts have been about places to visit, craft/gift ideas, or recipes.  Today I am going to get a little personal!

Not long after I had my second child we purchased a trampoline.  I was very excited about this because I always loved them when I was younger and dreamed of having one.  Now, my kids would have one and I was looking forward to using it myself.  While visiting a friend of mine (who has a trampoline) I told her about our new purchase.  She proceeded to share something with me that I had never heard of.  She warned me that after having children she had difficulty enjoying her trampoline.  She shared with me an intimate detail - that every time she would jump on her trampoline she would uncontrollably "pee her pants".  My initial thought was "gross" and why wouldn't she be able to control herself from peeing?!  Not many days later I discovered that I had the same problem!

After opening up to a few of my close friends (who also had kids though natural childbirth), I realized that it's a very common health issue.  It's an occurrence that happens when jumping, sneezing, laughing, coughing, gaging, or sometimes while doing nothing at all.  Thankfully, I have never had a noticeable instance of this happen in public but it's still very embarrassing and frustrating.  

One day, while watching a local news program geared toward women, I saw an interview with a specialist who helps women in these situations.  I found out that it is called "female urinary incontinence" and that there is a fix for it!!!  From that day on I have been on a mission to research my options and save my money to pay for it.  I'm not sure of the cost but I know that the "fix" could be anything from a medication to an out patient surgery.  Either way, I know my insurance won't cover the expense.

This week I made my first call to the specialists office.  I opted to not attend an information session since I'm already sold on the idea and feel comfortable with my knowledge of the process.  So, here is the plan so far.  I scheduled 3 appointments.  The first appointment is to meet with the specialist/surgeon.  Next, I go in for a round of tests and x-rays.  A week after that (when the test results are ready) I meet with the specialist again.  He could recommend a variety of things from medications to surgery.  What ever it is, I'm excited to get past this issue in my life :)

I plan to keep you posted on this intimate journey by blogging through my experience.  I'm only doing so because I have a feeling that some of my readers may be interested in the process and the cost involved.  Because of that, I am willing to take the chance that some of you may think of me as the "the lady that pees her pants" - LOL!  That's okay since hopefully that will be a thing of my past!

Incase you are interested in learning more about female urinary incontinence here is a link to the specialist I am using.  It also includes the video clip from the news program I mentioned.  http://www.shmg.org/ContinenceCenter

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