Friday, September 23, 2011

Preserving Fresh Herbs

I love fresh herbs!  But, I have always been frustrated with the fact that I have to buy a "bunch" when I only need a little.  With the exception of basil, I have never used enough fresh herbs to justify growing my own.  So I was very excited when someone taught me this trick!  It's not an answer to every use I have for fresh herbs but it has worked for almost all of my needs so far. 

How to freeze fresh herbs for later use:

Cut the herb of your choice to your liking (I chop mine).  I used cilantro in this example because I find it hard to grow and I always have to buy way more than I need per use. 

Place the herbs in an ice cube tray. 

Add water to the tray to surround the herbs.  Then place them in the freezer until frozen.

Once they have frozen you can remove the "herb cubes" from the tray.  Each cube should give you about 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs.

Store the "herb cubes" in a labeled freezer safe bag for future use.  Just unthaw and drain or toss into a hot dish (like soup) and you'll have the taste you love while not wasting money to buy a new "bunch" of herbs every time you need just a little. 

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