Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting Personal - Part 3

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I have completed my 2nd appointment in the process.  This one involved a lot of testing and x-rays to verify what my issue is and where it is.  The information I received for this appointment said that it could last 2 hours and to bring an extra pair of socks.  When I scheduled the appointment they said it would take about 1.5 hours.  I was actually done in 45 minutes but I can see why it might take longer for some people.

I did not have a co-pay or any kind of payment to make at this appointment.  I'm still very curious to see how much this will cost me in the end.  So far I have had one co-pay.  The more people I talk to the more I'm starting to think that my insurance really may cover this - BONUS!!!!!  :)

 You really have to go into this appointment with an open mind.  The person who does this testing has done this many times and I am sure they have seen a wide variety of things.  I had to just accept that some things were going to be embarrassing to me and move on.  I have been in the hospital for the birth of two children and then a surgery that required a 4 day/night hospital stay.  So I have adjusted to just giving in to medical professionals examining my body inside and out.  This is a necessary step for me to resolve an issue that I hate so I had to do it!

I had a room all to myself that included a bathroom and exam room.  I was also given an antibiotic to help prevent extra irritation or infection.  I had to remove all of my bottom clothing (except my socks) and put on a paper gown.  No urine sample needed for this appointment so I had to empty my bladder.  From there I went into the exam area.  First I was asked to sit in a "chair".  This was the craziest chair I have ever seen (and hopefully will ever see again)!!!  But, it was designed for what they needed.  The lady was very kind and walked me through everything that we were going to be doing.  First a catheter was put in that would allow her to add water to my bladder.  Then another catherter is needed in the rectum to help them monitor from another angle.  This one had a balloon in which she warned usually makes people feel like they need to use the restroom ;-)  Then she added a few "stickers" that were attached to a monitor.  From there she walked me though a process of filling my bladder, stopping now and then to have me cough.  Once I was done with this she had me do something that she said usually takes people a while to do.  I had to sit up in the chair and pee in a "bucket".  The chair has a spot cut out for this but I was still wired to all the monitors and catheters so it is very strange.  Plus, she was in the room watching.  It's just water but I can see why this would add time to an appointment!  Again, I just had to give in for the cause ;-)  After that, everything was removed and it was time to move onto the next step.

This time I had to lay down on an exam table.  Another catheter was put in to access my bladder.  Then she filled my bladder with a die (was clear like water) so she could take x-rays.  She took a couple of x-rays while I was laying down and then the rest were while I was standing.  This is where the extra socks come in.  Remember that you have no bottoms on, you have a full bladder, and they are trying to get x-rays that show them what things look like when you actually have a leaking problem.  So, while standing for the x-rays she had me strain as if was giving giving birth.  If you leak, your socks will get wet....  Hey - I did title this blog post as "Getting Personal"  ;-)

Once she verified that the x-rays provided them the needed information, I was done.  The bathroom had baby wipes to clean up afterwards so I just got dressed and I was ready to go :)  Of course she check to make sure I was feeling okay before I could leave.

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