Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Las Vegas Vacation: Our Favorite Places To Eat

Every time I think of eating in Las Vegas it reminds me of a story that my dad told me about his first visit to Las Vegas.  To keep it short, my dad was ALWAYS looking for a deal and for food!!  Not knowing how cheap the food would be there, he and my step-mom ate at Denny's before exploring the town.  It didn't take long before they realized that Denny's was one of the most expensive places to eat in town and by far the least elaborate.  The moral of the story??  You can get a great meal for "pennies" in Las Vegas!!  

Before I became a vegetarian we always took advantage of these deals.  I almost always ate a super delicious prime rib dinner on Fremont Street and searched for the best deal on steak and lobster.  And lets not forget the endless offerings of buffets!!!  I sadly gain a ton of weight every time I visit Las Vegas but it is sooooo yummy!!!!

Not only is it Las Vegas but it's also another area of the country that offers many of our favorite restaurants that we just don't have in Michigan.  Raising Cane's is one of them.  We were extremely surprised to find this advertised when we were traveling down the highway.  We didn't realize that they were in Nevada.  We discovered it just a day before we left for home.  Of course, we had to adjust our "meal plan" to fit a visit in!

My husbands meal

My chicken-free meal - I LOVE the dip for my fries!
We were happy to discover that they also have a Fatburger right on the strip!  Check out my Las Angeles blog if you haven't heard of this delicious place!

We can never get enough of In-N-Out Burger!  I think we ate there at least 3 times during the week (4 times for my husband).

We were excited to find out that the Tropicana location (near Las Vegas Blvd) has a retail location next to the restaurant.  It's one of few where you can purchase In-N-Out Burger merchandise on the spot.  Of course we had to shop ;-)

We LOVE California Pizza Kitchen!!  The one we usually checkout is in the mall on the strip.

Panda Express is another favorite!  These were in our area a few years ago but for some reason they all left.   Now we have to stop at least once when we are near one.  

Rainforest Cafe is a lot of fun!  It's a little pricy but they have a great menu and they keep our little ones very entertained!  This is located in MGM Grand.

There are soooo many buffets and they all have a theme to meet the demands of the many guests.  My favorite by far is the one at The Orleans.  This is off the strip but a very nice place.  I like to go for dinner.  I made the mistake once of going during seafood night.  It might sound good but not when EVERYTHING has some kind of seafood mixed into it.  And I was pregnant so I wasn't supposed to be eating much seafood.  I think they have since opened a seafood specific buffet so the one I like is always the way I like it.  Why do I like this one?  They offer food from a variety of areas:  Italian, Mexican, American, Mongolian, barbecue, Chinese, and seafood.  Of course they also have a salad bar and a large dessert bar.  And it's at the best price I have found.  If I remember correctly the price is reduced during the early hours of the buffet time but thats not a problem for me since there's a 3 hour time difference from where I live.

Other places:

I haven't had a chance to check it out but I have heard that Hash House A Go-Go is a great place.  The menu looks delicious - especially if you like breakfast foods.

There's a Hard Rock Cafe in the Hard Rock Casino.

There's also a "Pink's" in the Hard Rock Cafe which I talked about in one of my Las Angeles blog posts.

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