Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Trip With Children: Games

When my kids were really young we depended on things like a DVD player to keep them happy while we drove.  Now, I try to limit their amount of TV and game player time.  So here are some games that can are entertaining while on long car rides.  

The Alphabet Billboard game:  The idea is to see who can find every letter in the alphabet on billboards and signs along the road.  Only one person can use a billboard so the first one to call it gets to use it.  For younger kids you can make this a team game so everyone is a winner.

The License Plate game:  Try to find a license plate for all 50 states.  The first person to call it gets to use it.  I recommend providing a list of the states so they can be crossed off.  For younger kids you can make this a team game so everyone is a winner.

Road Bingo/Scavenger Hunt:  You may be able to find some printable versions for this but it's not hard to create your own.  It will just take more time to prepare in advance than some of the other games.  Include items that you would generally see while traveling on the road.  Then turn it into bingo sheets or a simple scavenger hunt list.  For younger kids I recommend a team scavenger hunt so there are no losers.  Some suggested items:  rv, street sign, street light, semi truck, bird, horse, airplane, tractor, pink car, lime green truck, Mc Donald's, army truck, lake, motorcycle, train, mountain, bridge, dog, goat, cow, pig, a family favorite store or restaurant (list by name on your sheet), convertible car, ...

I found this for $1 at a craft store.

I Spy:  Take turns describing an object until someone else guesses what the object is.  Unless you have fast thinkers, you will want to pick items that will be in your view for a while or that are in the car.

What games do you play?

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