Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting Gift Set

Here's a gift idea if you have someone to buy for that loves painting. In this case, I wasn't sure what to get for a young girl on my list but I know that she loves arts and crafts and that her family really supports her desire to be creative.

I started planning and buying early for this gift so I could provide something nice but within a budget. I found a lot of great deals at a craft store in my area and eventually ended up with a gift that I think the recipient will enjoy. Some of the things it includes:

Variety of paint
Variety of paintbrushes
Paint well tray
Variety of things to paint based on the recipients personal interest
Something to hold it all together - I already used a plastic tote as part of a past gift for this person so I decided to go with a white photo box that she can paint.

Tip: Make sure that the gift is age appropriate and that the family will be supportive of it. I remember when I was little giving a young cousin a beauty set that included fingernail polish. Her mom didn't think it was great when she found her daughter painting her walls with it - Yikes!

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