Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday & Other Celebratory Greeting Cards

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that my family is on a mission to reduce, reuse, recycle in any way we can. This idea is one that I got from my step-mom who always finds creative ways to wrap gifts for my family.  She has to ship them which isn't always good for using bows on the top.

If you are anything like me, you get a ton of cards during the month of December. And let us not forget birthdays and other celebrations through the year. Instead of throwing them in the trash at the end of the celebration you could recycle them. Or you could reuse them. Yes - I said reuse! Look at the beautiful covers of many of these cards! They are much prettier than many gift tags that you buy. So why not use them as gift tags??? My step-mom ships our gifts with cute greeting cards taped to the top as the gift tag. When my kids were really little they were excited about these "gift tags" more than the gift! Now, it provides them with extra excitement about the gift as they wait for the day they can be opened. Using cards as gift tags is also great for larger gifts that need a large tag.

What do you do? When I am done with my cards I:

1. Set aside the cards I want to keep for sentimental reasons (including photo cards).

2. Out of the remaining cards I select the ones that might be nice to use as a gift tag in the future.

3. Out of the "gift tag" cards I only use the front cover of the card so I verify that there is no personal information written on the back of the front cover. If there is I don't use it.

4. Cut the cards so that only the front cover is remaining (the part I am using as a tag).

5. Store the "gift tags" with the rest of my wrapping supplies.

6. Recycle the remaining cards and cut pieces.

Now you have a beautiful supply of gift tags to use in the future!

This one was used as part of a shipping label on a box.  My kids were really excited!

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