Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vegetable Side Dish

There are many memories I have collected through my life so far and this recipe is from one of them. Can you imagine a day when vegetarian me hated vegetables??? I think most young ones go through this phase. This side dish was the breaking point for me! I was with my dad visiting a family member who offered us dinner while we were there. Well, I must have been starving because I accepted eating this concoction of veggies and am I glad that I did. It was a real turning point for me and now I just can't get enough vegetables! As gardens are overflowing and farmers markets are in full force it always reminds me of this dish.

What you need (the amounts really depend on how much you want to make):

3 cups zucchini, chopped large
3 cups tomatoes, chopped large
3 cups fresh mushrooms, sliced
1 cup onion, chopped large (I prefer white onion with this but you can use any)
Shredded cheese, for garnish (I prefer Colby Jack or cheddar)

What you need to do:

Add zucchini, mushrooms, and onion into a medium saucepan. Cover and cook until tender (approximately 15 minutes - may need to add a little water to keep from burning until the zucchini softens). Add tomatoes, cover and cook approximately 5 more minutes (you want the tomatoes to soften but not turn into juice). Top with shredded cheese and serve. This dish is moist so I recommend serving in a bowl. I love to eat this as a main part of my meal but it's also great with a grilled cheese sandwich or a grilled chicken breast (for those meat eaters out there).

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  1. This is a summertime family staple for us. but we always bake it in a casserole dish. Last night I cooked it on the stove top as you suggested and I LOVED it!! Same great flavor and so much faster!