Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Memorial Books

My very first blog was about photo books and my attempt to reduce the space that is consumed by pictures while still capturing every moment of my kid's lives. Well, this one is a little different. I'm sure that many of you have piles of large photo albums and boxes of loose pictures that you have collected over the years.

Along with trying not to have many pictures that I currently take printed, I'm trying to reduce the clutter I already have. I started with these two books.

They are "memorial books" dedicated to special people in my life that have passed. In this case, it’s of my dad and step-dad. I put together the books so we would have easy access to share them with my children as they grow. I really wanted them to know who these people were and how special they are to me. I added pictures from their childhood, special interest, careers, and family, anything that reminds me of who that person was. My kids really enjoy looking at them!

Other ideas for photo books:

• Recipe book (I made some for Mother's Day one year).
• Milestone birthday (I made one for my mom's 50th birthday outlining her entire life).
• Family history (a family member has an album of old family pictures - I made a copy and turned it into a photo book for Christmas).
• Anniversary

The ideas are endless!

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