Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Cookie Bouquet

My love for cake decorating has really moved into a passion to decorate sugar cookies! It takes time (which is hard to find with two little ones at home) but I always love the end result. My daughter finished her second year of pre-school this past June - the second year with the same teachers. So what do you give when you have already gone through two Christmases, two teacher appreciations, and one end of the year? I decided to give them something that they probably haven't been given before - a cookie bouquet :) I was first inspired by some decorative plant pots and then I let my imagination run. These are sugar cookies with royal icing and wrapped to stay fresh - yes they can be eaten! Plus the planter can be used later.

Then I took a picture of my daughter in front of her school with a big sign that said "Thank You". I had that turned into a card (with the picture as a cover) so that we could add a personal note for each teacher.

Everyone loved the bouquets and thought I had spent the $60 plus (for each) that it costs to get them from Cookies by Design!! The overall cost wasn't much but the time to decorate the cookies.... let's just say you have to love doing it :)

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