Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photo Books


I LOVE taking pictures and when I added kids to the family it seemed to get a little out of control :) The never ending piles of fat photo albums and the time needed to organize the pictures into them seemed relentless! So, one day I decided to use my love for photo books to help reduce the amount of space my pictures were taking. Each birthday I create a photo book ( is my favorite due to quality and user friendliness) for each of my children reflecting on their past year. The first book starts with ultra sounds and goes through their first birthday. The following years start the day after their birthday and goes through the next birthday. I try to include fun things that we did through the year (parties, vacations, trips to the beach,....) and candid moments that remind me of their personality. I also include scanned artwork, certificates, invitations, announcements.... To make sure I don't miss anything I load pictures onto the photo book site ( throughout the year. I specially name folders on that site (ex: Tyler's First Year) so I know what book they belong to after they are loaded. The kids and I love going through their books to remind them of all the fun we had (even if they were too young to remember). I also put them out for others to view during birthday parties and other celebrations that revolve around them. I have even made recipe books and books for 50th (and other) birthday celebrations highlighting an entire life up until that point in time. My favorite (what got me started) are memorial books that I made about special people in our lives that have passed. People that I really want my kids to know even though they may have never met them.

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