Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beans & Rice

Not long after I decided to go 100% vegetarian with my diet I was talking to my dental hygienist who asked me what I do for protein. During our conversation she told me of a meal that she loves. It sounded quick, easy, and up my alley so I tried it. Now it's one of those meals that my husband and I love now and then for variety :)

What you will need: Zatarain's yellow rice, canned black beans, salsa (chunky), shredded cheese (cheddar or blend), and diced grilled chicken (optional - I put this on my husband's).

Cook the rice according to package directions. Spread desired individual amount on microwavable plate.

Rinse the black beans and then warm them in a sauce pan. Spread desired individual amount on top of rice.

Top with diced grilled chicken (optional - I did not do).

Layer salsa on top of beans/chicken.

Cover with cheese.

Cook in microwave on high for 2-4 minutes (until cheese melts).

Salt & pepper to taste and then enjoy!  Can be served with tortilla chips.

**I make this plated since my husband enjoys chicken and I do not. But, you could just cook the rice according to the package directions, then add all your toppings onto the rice (in the 2qt pot it recommends to cook it in), and microwave it as one large dish to serve from.

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