Monday, July 12, 2010

Baking Gift Kit

I LOVE putting together "gift kits". This is a baking gift for a little girl's birthday (age appropriate). Included: mixing bowl, recipe for an easy to create food/dessert (I used a mini brownie with hidden kisses recipe - "Brownie Gems" can be found on my blog under September 2010), all the non-perishable ingredients to make the recipe (brownie mix, kisses, cream cheese frosting, sprinkles to decorate), the pan needed to bake it, measuring spoons/cups, mixing spoons, and of course an apron (I made) in her favorite color.  Instead of making an apron you could buy one and maybe personalize it with an iron on design.

Then I wrapped it all up like a basket (the mixing bowl helped decide how to wrap it). I used a recycled greeting card cover for the name tag.

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