Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oahu, Hawaii: Pirate Ship Adventures

When planning our Hawaiian vacation, I discovered a pirate ship adventure activity.  One day, while checking out their website, I noticed that they had a Groupon deal that was perfect for my family of four.  So, we booked some time with Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures.  While visiting Virginia Beach, the summer prior to this trip, we went on a pirate ship that was a lot of fun!  But, the ship did not look like a pirate ship.  My kiddos pointed that out often but the experience was still amazing.  This one in Hawaii looked just like you would imagine a pirate ship to be.  So, we were excited!  It's was also an opportunity to get out on a boat while the kiddos have the extra activities to entertain them.

We participated in the "Lost Treasure Excusion".  There is an evening cruise for those 21 and older (BYOB) that is not for kiddos.  Here is our experience:

A local pointed out this giant sting-ray hanging out by the dock!

A "real" pirate ship!!!
When we checked in at the dock the kiddos were each given a token.  Once they got on the ship they turned in their tokens for bandanna's (the staff put them on for them) and patches.  We also found coupons for a free sword (per paid child).  We only had one coupon so I paid for another sword.  Find enough coupons for all the children in your group!  I just wasn't sure if they would let me use it with my Groupon discount but they did!  You can also purchase drinks, snacks, and other souvenirs on the ship.  

--Note:  the walkway from the boat to the dock is narrow and there weren't any side rails, or even rope, to hold onto.  I'm pretty sure that a kiddo (or a few kids) have fallen into the water.  Not sure why they don't have something there to help prevent that...

Our Groupon deal included a printed picture (I see that the more recent promotions give you a digital copy).
It wasn't good (shadows, no cover or envelope to protect it, no decorative border like they advertised)
- I wouldn't have paid for this!    

Picture opportunity.  The kiddos are not smiling to set the tone of the picture ;-)
This doesn't include all of us but I prefer this picture that I took.

Preparing the cannons.

Beautiful views of Waikiki and Diamond Head.

Helping prepare the boat to head out to sea.
On the way out to sea I saw a lot of sea turtles hang out in the marina!  I was hoping to see more on the way back but we had to stay seated so the ship could safely return and park at the dock.

Adult participation.  This is when my shy husband slipped away to another area of the ship - LOL!

Looking for the treasure.

Hiding from the flying dragons (helicopter that went over us).

Hand Stamp (messy - had to wash it off because it was getting on their clothing).

Found the treasure!!!

Shooting water canons at anyone trying to "steal" the treasure (anyone in sight).
My summary of this pirate adventure:  The ship was cool but the entertainment was no where near as fun as the one in Virginia Beach.  The pirates were not great at speaking pirate, they only entertained the kids about 50% of the time and even then it wasn't that good.  My kids complained often about being bored.....  It was a hot day and the boat moved with every wave (sunburn and motion sickness meds a must).  One lady got sick on the boat ;-(  They do ask for monetary tips at the end and we did tip them.  If you have a little one that is really into pirates - I would still recommend this adventure.  My review may seem harsh but it's mostly because I have another amazing pirate adventure to compare it to.

Note: for an additional charge they will shuttle you from your hotel.  You have to pay cash through this strange (at least something I have never seen before) system for parking if you drive yourself.  I think the shuttle would have been a good option.

To see more, visit my post on Oahu.

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