Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maui, Hawaii: Atlantis Submarine

Atlantis Submarine Adventure:  I had debated about doing this on Oahu but we couldn't fit it into our already crazy schedule.  Well, it worked out perfect for us to reserve a time while on Maui.

Here's our experience:

We had to check in at the office 30 minutes before our reservation.  From there we needed to walk a couple of blocks to the dock.  There is a restroom near the dock and seating.  But it was hot and very little shade at the companies loading area.
Group picture ($20 - to be paid on the way back to shore).
The boat in the background is what takes you to the submarine.

Boat ride to the submarine.

The submarine coming up!

There is a blue boat (Roxie) that stays in the water to help and to easily identify to the passenger boat where the submarine is.

Heading into the submarine.

Get to know the people behind you!  Sometimes they have cool stuff that you can only see out their window.
Everyone does have a window to look out.  Unlike a competitor that I had heard about (that doesn't even fully submerge in the water).  

A list of some of the water creatures we might see.


List shows that it is a whitetip Reef shark.

A sunken ship.  They sunk it to create an interesting area for creatures to live.
Picture of the ship sinking process.

Map of the route.
I missed the picture at 130 ft.  But we went all the way to the bottom and sat there.
This little guy hung out at our window for a while.
It seemed as though he was interested in us too!

Above the windows.
Thankfully no one got sick on our trip but I did see a couple of bags from the group before us ;-(

  • The kids were supposed to be free with a paid adult (one child per adult).  This was offered online but the site was down when we tried to do a reservation online.  So, I called in the reservation.  I was given the total at the very end and it did not include the free kids promotion.  I had to request a refund and go through a bunch of red tape....  My point - make sure you are given any promotions BEFORE giving your credit card information.  I should have done this but I was so frustrated with the website problems that I just wanted to be done with it!
  • Don't forget motion sickness medications if you have ever needed them before!

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