Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maui, Hawaii: Luau

The idea of going to Hawaii and NOT experiencing a luau is just crazy!!!  We have always liked the one at our resort.  It is the Myths of Maui Luau.  It's on the beach and walking distance from the lobby of the Royal Lahaina Resort.  Here is our experience:

The picture taken of us on the way into the luau.
Yes - we did some shopping for hawaiian gear ;-)

Sunset picture they took of us once in the luau area.
I think we paid $30 for both pictures ($20 for the first picture and $10 for each additional picture).

Seating and the start of the educational portion of the show.

Learning all about coconuts.

Starting a new tree.
Did you know that a coconut tree starts producing after 10 years?
It only produces about 11 coconuts the first year year - then about 50 each year after.
They produce year round.

Traditional way of getting to the coconut.

The coconut "hair" (he is pulling it from around the coconut in this picture) was used for rope.
This "hair" does not disintegrate in salt water.

Once cracked open there is coconut water.
Pull the white "meat" out of the coconut to squeeze out coconut milk.

Waiting for dinner to start.

Getting ready to cut up the big.
Before this we blessed the pig before they pulled it from the ground.

We were able to pay for VIP seats (guaranteed we'd be near the stage).
Now they offer reserved VIP seats online.
It was new just before our visit but the people next to us had it so I asked.
I didn't look at the pricing but it included great reserved seats, souvenir tiki glasses, and much more.
The "free" drinks come in these.  My kiddos loved the pineapple juice drinks.
It was just pineapple juice and ice but it seemed way cooler at a luau ;-)
The kiddos get on stage and learn how to dance.

The show:

My 6 year old son was ready to marry this beautiful princess - LOL!

Pictures on the way out.

Pictures on the way out.

  • There are some vendor craft tables inside the luau area.  Some of these tables were the same ones we had visited in the resort earlier that day.
  • Food:  there was a large variety for kids and adults, traditional luau food and some other more common food.  An example of the kids food:  hot dogs, chips, french fries.  There were also a lot of drink options (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Most of the beverages were also included in the price of the luau.  There was a small dessert area that had a few familiar options and some Hawaiian options.
  • I have never been to it but I have heard that the Old Lahaina Luau is very well rated when it comes to luau's on Maui.
Wearing a flower in your hair (as it was told to us):
  • A flower worn on the right means that you are single.  The bigger the flower the more available the lady is - LOL!
  • A flower to the left means that you are taken.
  • A flower in the middle means that you go both ways - LOL!

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