Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Traditions - isn't that a big part of Christmas celebrations?  Our special family traditions are on Christmas Eve.  That is the time when it's just the kids and us parents.  When we can spend a more relaxed time to express our love for each other.  

Here's how we make it special:

New set of pajamas.
A book from mom/dad to each child.  My husband and I rotate this gift giving each year.  We give each child a copy of a book that we loved at their age.  Then we write personal note in each.  

A sample of the books we have given so far.  They each get their own copy.
This years book from my husband.

This years note to my son (written inside the cover).
And then we read the book to them before going to bed.  As they get older (and the books get longer) this part might be harder to complete in one night but you get the idea :-)

What are your Christmas traditions?

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