Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Virginia Beach: Captain Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures

While visiting family near Virginia Beach I wanted to make sure we explored some of the area.  We aren't really a "beach" family - at least not in the way that I think most people enjoy the beach.  I HATE to sunbath and I can't stand to even be in the sun for long.  Especially on a HOT day!

After searching through a few travel sites I ran across a recommendation for Captain Jack's Pirate Ship Adventures.  It sounded like something my kiddos would enjoy and I liked the idea of us getting out on a boat that included some entertainment.  Here is our experience:

Group picture before getting on the ship.  This is done just after check-in (where the kiddos get paper hats and you can purchase "weapons").  Before getting off the ship you are given the opportunity to view the picture and purchase.  I don't recall the exact price but I think it was only $5 and it did come in a nice paper frame.  

Waiting for the ship to take off.
We LOVED how well each of the staff members spoke perfect pirate.  We were told that they trained at Disney World.
On the way out to sea.  I LOVED that the "pirate" next to my son yelled out to people in other boats and on shore.  it really felt like we were with a group of no-good rotten pirates looking for treasure ;-)

Dolphin mom and baby - all part of the adventure of being on the water!
We did pause the boat for a bit to watch the dolphins.  There were a total of 5 in their group.

Great views of the shoreline!

Tons of pirate activities to keep the kids happy!

Face Painting

Looks cute but it was hot out and the make-up started smearing. ..

Preparing the cannon.

A smaller blast was made to experience the sound of a real canon.  It was loud!!

Preparing to shoot the enemies (with water).

Hot potato - with a skull ;-)

The winner of the hot "potato" game.
My little lady was so happy!  But my son was not happy about losing.
The staff jumped right in to cheer him up again!  Less work for this mom ;-)
BTW - it was really hot out and this green bead necklace turned my daughters skin green - YIKES!
It did wash off (whew)!

Story time!

The bad pirate that had the treasure.

Souvenir map.

Jewels - their own little piece of the treasure after defeating the bad pirate!

-There is free parking where you can meet up with the shuttle that takes you to the ship.  We parked in the wrong spot and paid $10 before we found the right one.  The ship parking is part of a hotel.  The shuttle staff will give you a parking pass to put in your window before heading to the ship.  
-The shuttle staff is also part of the pirate crew.  They do a lot to keep you entertained for the short trip.  
- The ship was actually a big red metal boat.  nothing like a "real" pirate ship.  But, they did have it decorated nicely to make up for it.  
- There is a restroom on the ship and a lot of space to sit.
-There is a small shop on the ship.  You can purchase some food items, beverages, snacks, trinkets, ... My kiddos had hot dogs and drinks.  We did buy a few Popsicles to keep cool since it was such a hot day.
- There are cruises offered at night for those that are 21 and above.  They apparently offer a more adult themed adventure ;-)
- I did make our reservations online in advance.  I'm a planner :-)
- The shuttle will take you back to the parking area - with the same entertainment.  The staff will also give you recommendations on places to eat.  We ended up eating at the same place a couple of our pirates ate at.  Our kiddos were so excited to see them and the staff continued their "pirate" act with out even skipping a beat.  They seemed more than happy to do so!
- They will ask for tips at the end of the show.  It was well worth tipping them!!!

A little time at the beach!

Would I recommend this pirate adventure?  ABSOLUTELY!!!

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