Friday, December 13, 2013

Remodel: Carpet Removal Tool

A couple of years ago a family member passed away and my family was put in charge of selling her house.  The house was in good condition but the decor was very dated.  So, after meeting with our realtor, we decided on some quick and somewhat inexpensive fixes that would make a huge difference with the value and appeal of the house.  One of the main things - tear up the carpet!!  We discovered that a couple of rooms in the house had beautiful wood floors under this 30 year old sea foam green carpet.  Are first task was to pull the carpet up to expose the wood.  It seemed like an easy job...  What we didn't plan for was the millions of staples that were holding the carpet in place!!!  We spent many days trying to pull every staple out of the floor so they did not poke through someones foot!

Later, we decided to replace the rest of the carpet where there wasn't wood flooring.  This time we had the carpet installers pull up the old carpet and padding.  That is when I learned about the flooring scraper tool!   It was a must purchase for our next carpet project!  Which happened to be for my own house.

See all the staples that do not come up when you pull the padding off the floor???

This scraping tool (found at home depot) pulls up the padding and the staples at the same time.  SOOO easy!!!

It cost about $31 but well worth it since we had our carpet to pull up and another house we are working on in the next couple of months.  
The carpet and padding are up and we are ready for the new carpet to be installed!
BTW - it was a huge amount of carpet and still in good condition.
We were able to get rid of it for free (someone got carpet and we didn't have to pay to have it hauled away).  

New carpet!!!
Now, for a new paint color on the wall (that the carpet matches).
That will have to wait a few weeks!

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