Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quick & Easy Christmas Fun

I am always looking for new, fun and easy crafts for my little ones.  Here are some Christmas ideas that I have come across lately that I want to share with you.

My daughter had a "Grinch" party in her kindergarten class this year.  The kids were able to wear their pajamas and they each brought a stuffed animal to school.  As part of the party, they watched the cartoon version of the grinch.  Then they made paper head bands with one paper antler like Max from the show.  The picture below is what the teacher sent home with each of the kids.  It's attached to a green candy cane.

This candy cane is adorable and really simple to make.  You just need red & white beads, red pipe cleaner and string to hang it (we used yarn).  Cut the pipe cleaners in half (for smaller candy canes).  Have the kids add the beads.  Wrap the pipe cleaner around the first and last beads to secure them.  Bend it in the shape of a candy cane and then add string to hang it.  This is a cute ornament that will last for years!

Magic Reindeer Food:  I have seen a few ways of doing this and a variety of cute packaging.  This is what we had this year.  You just add some oatmeal and some Christmas color sprinkles (easy for kids to do on their own).  Place it in some kind of packaging with a note explaining what to do with the food.  My kids LOVE doing this every year.  It's a special treat for the reindeer that have been working so hard!

I would love to hear about any quick and easy kids crafts you have done!

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