Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Mouse Ornament

While shopping one day my daughter and I noticed this on a mall tree.  They were so cute!  Of course I had to take some pictures so we could make some at home!

For starters, I dug through my craft supplies and then did a little shopping.  You will need:

Red and white fuzzy sticks (I purchased the ones pictured at Wal-mart for $.97 a 25 pack).
Small buggy eyes or black sequins
Red and white felt
Small red, white, or black pom-poms
Elmer's Glue

I didn't have a pattern so I made some myself using a variety of oval and tear-drop shapes cut out of paper.  I took a picture of them on this cutting board so you could have an idea of the sizes.

Next I twisted together a white and red fuzzy stick to make a "candy cane".  You could use real candy canes but then they will be perishable.

Then I cut the felt to make the mouse bodies and ears.  The white mouse has a white body, white ear, and red inner ear.  The red mouse has a red body, red ear and white inner ear.

Glue the inner ear to the larger ear as seen in the pictures below.

To add the ears to the body of the mouse, cut two vertical lines in the body.  Make sure that you have enough room for the face under the ears.  Slide a small portion of the ears into each slit and glue the back.  See the pictures below.

Next, add a face by gluing on eyes and a nose.  The one we saw at the mall had the sequin eyes but I liked the idea of the buggy eyes.  They both turned out very nice.

For the tail:  Cut two horizontal lines into the mouse body.  From the back side, slide the tail into the top slit and then back out through the 2nd slit.  Bend the tail to form the shape of a candy cane (which will also allow you to hang it on a tree).

Fold up a portion of the tail so it will curl over the middle portion of the slits and secure it to the body. 

Now you have cute little mice for your tree!

We also wrote each child's name on the back with the year.

Update:  later I found a DIY on Martha Stewart with a template!!!

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