Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Sleigh Candy Decoration

I created this after combining a few ideas I found for some cute kid friendly table decorations (place settings).  

You will need:

Plastic cups (I used the square bottom red cups by Solo)
Decorative ribbon
Candy canes (two per sled)
Cookies or candy
Tissue paper

I started with these cups:

I needed to create a sleigh look so I drew lines on a cup and cut into it until I felt like I had something that resembled a sleigh.  Honestly, this was the hardest part for me so I made sure I had extra cups!

After I had one sleigh cut the rest was pretty easy.  Using the first cup as a "template" I placed another cup inside of it and traced the cut lines.  From there I was able to make identical sleighs.

Next, I glued on trim which covered the rough edges of the cup.  For this you just need decorative ribbon.  I used a mini glue gun and simply placed small beads of glue in areas on the edge of the cup where I felt it was important to hold the ribbon in place.

Then I glued on two candy canes for the sleigh blades.  Again, I used a hot glue gun but very sparingly to avoid destroying the candy.  I placed a very thin line of glue on the bottom edges of the cup and then quickly placed the candy canes.  It dries fast!

I added a little tissue paper in the bottom of each sleigh/cup and then positioned the cookies I made.  I have seen similar sleighs with pre-made candies too.

My kids are really excited about bringing these to our holiday dinner!

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