Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some of My Favorite Prepared Foods - Vegetarian Friendly

Good prepared foods for a vegetarian are hard to find but lately I have run across some that even my meat eating husband enjoys! I thought I would share these since I am asked a lot what foods I eat since I do not eat meat.

My number one favorite right now is this nice little dish that I found at Costco.

Poke a couple of holes in the bag,

microwave for 3 minutes, pour the contents into a bowl, and you have a nice little meal!

I love the cheesy bean and rice burritos that Taco Bell offers but I'm pretty sure that the fat/calorie content is high since I usually get a couple of bites that are overloaded with cheese. I found this nice option at COSTCO that I love and makes me have a little more control over my calorie count. It's good on its own but I love to add a little salsa on top.

These sausage patties are awesome! Even my husband likes them! They have a great flavor (I prefer the original flavor only). It's not as spicy as regular sausage but it's also not as greasy. I love them on an English muffin and served with pasta (when a meat eater would normally have something like hamburger). You can find these in the freezer of just about any grocery store.

I get cravings for French onion soup but most restaurants use beef broth. I found this vegetarian version at Costco and I am very happy with it - even the microwave cooking version!

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