Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goo Gone - Good for more than you may think!

I have used this product for many years to get sticky stuff off hard surfaces - packaging off a new ceramic dish, sticker off a table, and many other times that I have needed it. One day, when I wasn't paying attention, my 3 year old son decided to play with his sisters new bright pink lip gloss. Of course he didn't like it on his fingers so he wiped everything onto my almost white carpet!! This wasn't the first time something like this happened but it was the first time that it was right in the middle of the floor where I couldn't hide it. I mentioned to my husband all the products I had tried on the first spot that all failed. He then asked if I tried the Goo Gone. What???!!! Why would I use Goo Gone on our carpet??!! Well, because the packaging says that I can! And because it worked!!! I had never before thought of all the many uses for Goo Gone. It has always had a single, yet very important, role in my life. Now my eyes have been opened and I am considering its use for more things.

My daughter loves this shirt:

The last time she wore it I noticed a big spot over a portion of the guitar. It appeared as though a large sticker was on the shirt when it went through the wash. I wasn't able to peel it off and I needed to be cautious to not harm the print on the shirt. So I carefully tried to remove it using sticky tape but that did not work. Then I remembered my Goo Gone. Of course the label claims that I can use it on clothing. I already knew that this shirt would be trash if I didn't fix it so even if it left a stain I would be no worse off. I squeezed some Goo Gone on the sticky spot and the sticky stain peeled off very easily with no marks on the shirt!!! I am just amazed so I thought I would share my story in case you find a need for Goo Gone that you hadn't considered it for in the past! :)

Another recent sticker made it through the wash!!
This time it was on sequins so I really had to be careful!!!

With Goo Gone it came off perfectly!!!

The after picture - no sticker, no missing sequins, no oil spots from the Goo Gone!!  It's just like new!

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