Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips I Have Learned: Wax Paper Lined Pan

While watching an episode of Martha Stewart one day, I noticed something that seemed very appealing to me.  They were making flour-less brownies (which I ended up making and loved).  I noticed that the guest chef lined his pan with parchment paper before adding the brownie mix.  After it was baked, he simply pulled the sheet out of the pan and and was able to cut the brownies in a much "cleaner" way than I can ever do while they are in the pan.  This idea seemed perfect to me!!

I shared this recipe in the past:  White Star Candy.  It's a much requested treat that I have always struggled with a way to cut so it didn't break into crumbles.  So, I lined my pan with wax paper (not parchment since I wasn't baking it and I really needed the candy to release from the paper) and tested it out.

So far it's working!

The candy very easily separated from the wax paper!

The cutter in this picture is a miracle worker for me!!!
Soooo much less mess than usual!!!

So next I tried it with fudge and loved the results!!!

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