Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tips I Have Learned: Picture Perfect Cookies

In high school I took a class called "Consumer Education".  I'm not sure why it was offered but for some reason I was scheduled for it.  Maybe I thought it would be an easy class (sounds like my thought process during that point of my life).  I didn't know at the time but this class would have a huge impact on my life!  There was so much that I was exposed to but this particular blog post reminds me a lesson on marketing food products.  There are so many details when photographing food to make it look delicious.  You know, tricks like adding just a little bit of soap bubbles to the top of coffee to make it look like it was freshly poured.  Or the use of white glue to help make a beautiful and long lasting whipped topping for a dessert.  

Well, I am all about "natural" pictures.  I don't do anything fancy to make my food look any better than it is in real life.  But, I did learn a tip about cookies that I wanted to share.  I have always been impressed at how great chocolate chip cookies look when made by a bakery.  Mine have never looked as appealing!  While watching a cooking show one day I heard them mention a trick that totally makes sense to me. 

The tip:  after you have your cookies rolled into balls and on the cookie sheet - add a few chips to the top.  After they have baked you will be left with perfectly visible chips on top of your cookies!

In this picture I did some the regular way and
some with chips on top to show the difference.

Okay - I should have added more chips on top but it worked!

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