Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tips I Have Learned: Keeping Apple Slices From Turning Brown

My kids love the freshness of packaged apples from places like McDonald's.

However, I can't get them to eat an apple from home once it has started to brown!  This is very frustrating considering that we are on the go a lot and I love that they prefer apples over chips.

I tried tossing the apples with fresh lemon/lime juice to keep them fresh (works great with banana's and avocado) but my little ones didn't like the sour taste it left on the apples.  Not even Granny Smiths that are a little tart to start with.  One day I heard this tip:  toss the apple slices with Sprite.....

It's something that I would have never thought of but it works!!!  Fresh apples all the time that are approved by my picky little eaters!

I love using lemons and limes for avocados and a variety of other snacks.  But, the next time a make a fruit pizza - I am going to try Sprite on my bananas....

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