Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feeling Crafty: Aprons

Those that know me well know that I play around with some sewing projects.  I don't have an Etsy store or anything.  Until recently I didn't feel like my sewing skills were as good as those selling on Etsy.  Now that I feel more confident with my sewing, I just don't feel like I could recover my cost and time at a price that was competitive with big chain stores.  So, I just craft for personal reasons that I eventually gift to family and friends.

I also do not blog on the step-by-step details of my crafts.  Simply because I don't have the time.  And, there are many sites that give free patterns and step-by-step details that you could search.  You just need an idea of what you would like to make.

The very first sewing project that I ever wanted to do was an apron.  Partly because of my love to cook but also because I thought it might be easy.  I found this pattern which I tweaked - simply by not adding ribbon to the pattern and changing the pocket to a cotton material to add some design.

Of course, my first project was for my daughter!

I made some of these for summer gifts.

I made this one to go with a baking gift set for a crafty little girl.

A different pattern.  I LOVE this apron but it took a LOT of time to make!
Of course, it is for my little girl.  Now I have gone back to the simple pattern.

Now I have tweaked the original pattern a little more.  The pattern calls for Cotton Duck material.  I actually wanted that at first because it is the same material as another apron I have and love.  But, there aren't many design options in that Cotton Duck material and some of the feedback I received didn't like the thickness of it.  So now I do all cotton.  

Teacher Appreciation Gift

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