Friday, April 27, 2012

Tips I Have Learned: Kids Jigsaw Puzzle

I was excited when my littles ones started showing an interest in jigsaw puzzles!  I love seeing their little brains at work!! I purchased a few of the Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle sets since they seemed sturdy and had fun picture themes.  Just like this pirate scene that is my sons favorite:

But, unlike boxed puzzle sets, there isn't a picture for kiddos to look at while they are trying to figure out a new puzzle....

The only picture is a little one on the under side of the board they are supposed to build the puzzle on!

So I came up with this idea and it has worked great for my kiddos.  I took a picture of the puzzle (example is the first picture in this blog post) and then printed it on a full size sheet of paper.  Now they have something to look at.

Then I store the puzzle pieces and the picture in a bag so they have easy access to build the puzzle again.  Plus we have a picture to remind us of which puzzle is in each bag.  

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