Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Head Lice

I hate the thought of head lice!!!  But the fact is that anyone can get it - no matter how "clean" they are!  I was really concerned this year since both of my kids' schools have been reporting a record number of cases!  Both of their classes have been infected and one of my kiddos classes have reported many cases this year! 

I heard about an oil that could be used to help prevent a head lice breakout - Tee Tree Oil.  Many people swear by it!   I have been using it all year and so far no cases of head lice in my family!  I'm not sure if the oil is the main reason why we have avoided it but I felt the product was worth sharing.  I use a q-tip to spread a little bit of the oil along a few main areas (hairline behind ears & neck, and middle of their scalp).  

Of course I also pull my daughters hair back every day (as requested by the school).  So far we have been head lice free this year!!

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