Monday, May 19, 2014

Hollywood, California: TCL Chinese Theatre

TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly known as Mann's Chinese Theatre) is an amazing place!

My husband and I had seen a movie in the big famous theatre (they have other normal theatre rooms too) many years back.  We have wanted to take the kids to see a movie there but it never worked out to be a kid friendly movie.  More recently it was under construction to become an IMAX theatre. 

So, we explored the exterior of the theatre:

Finally!!!  During our last visit the theatre was open and playing Captain America (part 2) in IMAX 3D.  The tickets weren't cheap but well worth it for the experience!  

FYI - you can't get through those doors unless you have a ticket for the IMAX show.  There is a "guard" at the door and they will not let you in unless they see your ticket and if it is less than a half hour before the show starts.


Restrooms are down stairs.  They are large and it is easy to imagine famous guests  freshening  up during parties.

The entire room is full of beautiful architecture!  This is the ceiling center.  The light changes color too.

Such a HUGE room!!!  Most of what you see in this picture is just the first section.  There is a lot more!!!

It was amazing!

  • You can pay to go on a tour of the theatre.
  • You actually reserve your seats when you purchase IMAX movie tickets.  Unlike the theaters I am familiar with where you buy the ticket and then find a seat based on what is not already taken.  I LOVED this feature!!
  • You can purchase tickets at the ticket window (a little East of the theatre).  We ordered our tickets online (and selected our seats) a few days prior to our visit.

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