Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hollywood, California: Rainbow Bar & Grill

Rainbow Bar & Grill
Another famous place on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.  My husband has been wanting to stop here for a few years and we finally had an opportunity to fit it in during lunch on our most recent visit to the area.  We figured lunch time would be best since we had little ones with us.  

Lots of pictures on the way in!

Menu - the food was great and you have to try the fries!!!

There's so much to look at!

Even something on the menu for my pickiest eater.

It wasn't busy during our meal but there were definitely some people that have money from something ;-)  There was one table of older gentleman discussing investment opportunities that are way above our pay scale!  

There was one person being interviewed while having lunch.  It was Glenn Hughes.  We did not bother him but it was fun to listen in on the interview (just one booth away from us).  The language wasn't always kid friendly but my kiddos are well educated on "naughty" words (who CAN use them and that they shouldn't be used at all).

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