Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hollywood, California: El Capitan Theatre

We love to visit the most famous section of Hollywood Boulevard (at the corner of Highland) during every trip we take to to the Hollywood area.  Many times I have noticed the El Capitan Theatre but I had never actually visited it.  Well, during our last visit we noticed that they were playing the newest Muppet movie.  We had heard so many great things about the movie!  So, on a super hot day, we decided to get inside for a while.  It was a great day to see a movie!  At the time I had no idea what a treat we were in for!

Here's our experience:

Ticket booth - perfectly "old school"!
Anxiously waiting to get in.  

Ignore the price listed on this!  They were having problems with their credit card machine so we had to pay cash and they processed it some weird way.  It cost us more than $11 for this one ticket!

Movie props.


Sorry - no fountain soda here...

Balcony seats - just like you see the Muppet "old guys" sitting in during the movies.

When we purchased our tickets we opted to not get the VIP tickets.
The yellow seats in this picture are the VIP seats.  We were lucky and got the center of the row just behind VIP.
Unlike some theaters in the area - seats are not assigned.

Before the show they do some kind of audience entertainment.
For this one they did a few songs with Piggy, Kermit, and a live actor.
It was a lot of fun!  A great way to get the movie started!!!
Oh - and you could take pics or video as long as you don't use a flash.
Well - at least I didn't get in trouble for it and others were doing the same with their cellphones.
After the show - more props!!!  This section was in the basement.
My kiddos loved seeing some of the things that were part of the movie they had just watched!
This prop was a huge hit!!
  • They only offer limited showings so plan ahead as much as you can.  Some days they do not offer shows at all.  
  • The show they were offering in the coming week was "Bears".  They were advertising a live animal presentation before the show.  My point?  It sounds like they always have a fun "activity" before the show.

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