Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reuse: Gift Cards and Playtime

Ever wonder what to do with all those gift cards that no longer have money on them?  It's such a waste to just throw them away!!  Well, I write "void" on the back of them with a Sharpie and then hand off the cards to my kiddos.  They love pretending that they have "credit cards" to pay at their pretend store.  Or, to pretend giving us gift cards to buy our favorite things (like coffee for me).  We also keep a hotel room key as a keepsake for the kids to play with.  My kiddos have a big collection now but here is a sample of some things they play with:

Now I find myself looking for unique gift cards that might be fun for them to play with - gas card, jewelry, anything that has a fun picture on the front :-)  Just don't forget to add something on that card to help you (and others) know that the card no longer has "real value".  

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