Monday, June 3, 2013

Gift Sets #1

I don't know what it is about gift sets but I LOVE them!!  For years I have been known for making baskets for gifts.  Lately I have been obsessed with gift boxes.  Here are some things that I have discovered and/or created.

First:  pick a theme and set a budget.  Then start looking for a variety of things that will go well with your gift.  I look for movies, books, candy, stuffed animals, toys, food, spa/bath supplies, ...  It really depends on the age of the person and their interests/needs.  

Great for a little treat to go with a Disney themed gift set (of course PEZ makes many different themed dispensers)

Themed cold packs for boo-boos.

Themed bath supplies.
Kohl's Cares for Kids is a great program!  You can get a variety of themed books and stuffed animals for just $5 each (product options change through the year).  The proceeds for the sales go to a children's charity (varies by location - my Kohl's donates their money to the local children's hospital!) And, since the items are popular and very affordable, it has provided me with many more gift options.

Book and stuffed animal from Kohl's with a DVD.

Book and stuffed animal from Kohl's with a DVD (this elephant is super cute!!)

Here are some other gift sets I have put together:

DVD, book, train toy (same color as the train in the book and DVD)

Movie night - popcorn w/bucket, pop, DVDs, candy

Basket of homemade jams with crackers, candy, and homemade apple bread.

I wanted to share this because I loved the suckers to add some "wow" to the gift wrap.
I named this post "Gift Sets #1" because I will be making more and adding posts for them.  Look forward to "Gift Sets #2" and more!

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