Sunday, July 14, 2013

Teacher Gift: Memory Book

I wanted to give something memorable to my son's Pre-K teacher at the end of the year.  I wanted it to be from all the kids in the class (I had already given plenty from my son through out the year) and be cost effective so I wouldn't have to ask the kids to help provide any money.  So, I came up with the idea of using a small photo album (that holds 4X6 photos) that would include a picture drawn by each of the students.  So, here is what I did:

I purchased the album from Michael's craft store at a great sale price.  There was room for a cover picture.  I didn't have a class picture that was small enough (or that looked nice when I shrunk it) and I didn't want to put a picture of just one student on the cover.  Plus, I knew she wouldn't like a picture of her on the cover.  After checking out some options at the craft store, I decided to do this:

The little crayons are actually stickers that I found in the scrapbook section of the store.

Next, I cut card stock paper into 4X6 note cards and the used a "Thank You" stamp for the front.  These cards were all sent home in an envelope with each child.  I also included a note to the parents asking them to have their child decorate the front of the card (the back wouldn't be seen in this album but they should write the child's name on the back if their child didn't add it to the front).  I also gave suggestions of adding a small picture of the child to the card or using glitter glue - whatever made it a special card from their child.  

Then I asked them to send the card back to school in the sealed envelope (I included one that had "return to"...  well - me of course written on the outside) by a set date.

Problem:  Well, the notes went out in "Friday Folders" (go to the parents at the end of each week with important papers for them to review).  It seems that the envelopes I sent out might have fallen sideways in the folders.  Many parents did not see them.  Thankfully, I had emails to follow-up with everyone that I did not receive them from.  I did have to send some additional copies to some parents...  I hoped to get this done in 1 week but it actually took about 3 weeks.

The first page of the album:  I didn't want to have one child's picture be the spot light on the first page.  Plus, I wanted a little note to explain the gift.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling real creative on this but here is what I put on the first page:

And some samples of what the kiddos turned in:

The teacher LOVED it and the kids were so glad to have been a part of the gift!!!  She can store it easily and refer back to it often :0)

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