Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cookie Bouquet Gifts

Just sharing a few images of cookie bouquets I have created and gifted.  I wish these weren't such hassle to make (when it's not a full time business) because I LOVE the end result!!

This was the very first cookie bouquet I made.  It was cute and I heard it tasted great.  But, I used a buttercream frosting so it was hard to package and I was so afraid that it would get damaged during travel.  I quickly learned that royal icing is the way to go with cookies like this!

A fun Thanksgiving bouquet.  The turkeys were made using my kiddos hand prints (prints on paper and then I used the paper cutout to outline the cookies).  I used the right hand of one kiddo and the left hand of the other.

The second I saw this hat basket I knew that I needed to make a bouquet using it!!!  Two years in a row I made these for my kiddos teachers at Christmas.  They were a big hit!!!

Spring theme for end of the year teacher gifts.

This one was ordered as a shower gift.  They liked it so much that they ended up sending me extra money for it!!

Back side.  It's important to position the cookies correctly when doing both sides.  Try to avoid being able to see the back of any cookies.

For my daughters best friend who broke her arm.

"Cookie bouquet" on top of a birthday cake.

More spring themed bouquets for end of the year teacher gifts.

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