Monday, December 3, 2012

School Birthday Treat to Pass

I'm always looking for something different or unique for my kids to take to school for their birthday.  Schools are pushing for healthier options and (at least for my child's school) are no longer allowing home prepared food items.  I have been finding "a treat to pass" to be a challenge.   So, this year my daughter took these to school for all of her friends.  She has an October birthday so they were a great fit for the cooler weather!  

My inspiration was the $1 travel mugs I found at a dollar store.  They have an insert where the child can draw their own design or color in one that is drawn for them.  A perfect representation of what my daughter loves - ART!

I typed up a little note to include in the the mug that thanks the children for celebrating her birthday with her.  

Inside the mug I included a packet of hot chocolate (to be made at home), a packet of Sixlets, and an individually wrapped sour patch kid.  These are all favorites of my daughters.

As you can see - it all fit nicely!

In the end, I didn't pay much more money than ordering cupcakes from a local bakery.  Now the kids will have something to keep and get creative with.  It was a big hit with all her friends and the teacher!

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