Monday, December 3, 2012

Packing Kids Clothing for Vacation

This is just a short post on a travel tip with kids.  I always pack my kids clothing by figuring out outfits. But, then it all gets squeezed into the luggage and by the time we get to our destination I have to sort it all again!!  

Now, after I have figured out the outfits for vacation, I put them all in gallon size zip lock bags by day.  With these bags I can now just grab one each day and they are all set to get dressed.  I even pack the pajama's and extra clothing in bags.  

Some other things you can do with these:

Write the day on each bag if you know that you will need the outfit for a specific event (like a Disney shirt for a trip to Disney).

These make it a lot easier if you are traveling from one location to another.  Instead of unpacking everything you just grab a bag for each day out of the luggage.

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