Monday, December 3, 2012

Rock Polishing/Shinning - The Easy Way

My family travels to Lake Superior just about every summer.  This lake is full of some the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen!  So we can't resist but to bring home a small collection to remind us of our trip.  Well, these rocks look beautiful in the water but not so much when they are dry.  So, I purchased a rock polishing kit in hopes that it would bring the beauty back into our collection.  Although it did soften the edges, it did not provide the shine I was hoping for.  Plus - the polishing process took a couple of weeks!!!!  Then I came across the idea to spray the clean rocks with a clear acrylic gloss coating!

This has become a new favorite in my craft closet!
I simply sprayed the clean, dry rocks with the gloss coating.  After they dried (took only minutes) I flipped them over to spray the other side.  It doesn't take long at all before you have rocks that are just as pretty as they are in water!

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