Wednesday, May 2, 2012

School Bus Driver Appreciation

It's important to let your child's bus driver know how grateful you are for the care they provide in getting your little one safely to school and back!  It doesn't have to be something that will cost a lot of money.  It's just great to show them that you care.  My kiddos are always drawing pictures for their drivers and we also include them when baking treats through the year.   Next week is "National Teachers Appreciation Week" so we are recognizing the teachers and school staff in our lives.  This is a little something we put together for the bus drivers.

Between my 2 kids we have 4 bus drivers!!  I picked up these cute boxes for $1 each at Target.  I had my daughter make cards for her 2 drivers.  My son isn't really into art yet so I added a thank you sticker on the back of his boxes with his name.  Then I filled them with bags of my sweet & salty popcorn treat - using yellow colored chocolate.

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